Why Erogelle?

Because those who tested Erogelle said they would recommend it to a friend!

Because those who tested Erogelle noticed an increase in sexual drive!

The women who tested Erogelle speak enthusiastically about the sensations they felt, especially regarding the increased sensorial perception during sexual activity, the stimuli intensification and a significant betterment in pleasure achievement during the intercourse.

Survey done through a randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled scientific study demonstrates Erogelle really works!

Effectiveness has been proven to be 2 to 3 times higher compared to placebo, on all parameters.

  • 2,5 times higher for the increase in sensory perception experienced during sexual activity

  • 3,3 times higher for the perception of the intensification of the erogenous stimuli in the genital area and increase of sexual drive

  • 2,5 times higher for the stimulation of a sensation of pleasure achievement during sexual activity

  • 2,3 times higher for the intensification of the external genitals sensibility

  • 1,9 times higher for the performance improvement in reaching pleasure during sexual activity

Final results: an entirely positive evaluation of the product as a whole. Those who tried Erogelle would recommend it to a friend.

Efficacy study of Erogelle on a panel of 30 healthy women

Erogelle Placebo

Cutaneous microcirculation enhancement

Blood inflow in the clitoral and vaginal area is extremely important for a good sexual response.
Nicomenthyl  (key ingredient of Erogelle)   ensures an increase of the local cutaneous microcirculation thanks to its transdermal transfer of niacin.

Evaluation of the blood flow increase (Laser Doppler flowmeter on 20 subjects).
The test documented a statistically significant increase of blood flow values in small blood vessels (microcirculation) compared to those measured at the beginning of the study (TIME ZERO, T0)

  • +78,7% 15 minutes after application

  • +147,1% 30 minutes after application

  • +87,4% 60 minutes after application

These data confirm that the product is acting fast and is still lasting after one hour from the application.

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What is a randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled test?

Randomised: subjects receiving the actual product and those receiving placebo are randomly selected.
Blind: it refers to the method of administration of a cosmetic or medicinal product during a scientific trial.
The blind technique requires either the subject or the physician not to know details of the administered product (the nature, dosage, etc.).
What does double-blind mean? In double blind procedure, both the physician and the subject are kept blind about these data. The aim is to ensure the highest possible degree of neutrality, and that is to minimise bias, namely the risk to influence the research outcome.
When you try a dermo cosmetic and sensorial product, psychological component should not be neglected both in the person who is using the product and in who monitors the application, which can lead to untruthful conclusions. In practical terms, participants are broken down into two groups: you give a type of cosmetic to one group, to the other a seemingly identical cosmetic without the active principle instead (a placebo indeed).

Placebo: placebo has the same composition as the tested product but lacking in its active principle. In this case, the improvement induced by the subject’s positive expectations is called “placebo effect”.