Thanks to its cutting edge formula, born out of the latest discoveries in the field of sexual cosmetics, Erogelle improves tonicity and reactiveness of the intimate areas and promotes their natural predisposition to respond to external stimulations. It enhances sensations, sensibility and pleasure.

A scientific study of Erogelle’s efficacy evidenced the following results:

  • Significant increase of the sensory perception experienced during sexual activity

  • Intensification of the erogenous stimuli in the genital area and increase of sexual drive

  • Promotion of a sensation of pleasure achievement during sexual activity

  • Performance improvement in reaching pleasure during sexual activity

  • High biocompatibility and complete tolerability

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What do they say about it?

The women who tested Erogelle speak enthusiastically about an increase of sensorial perception during sexual activity and a significant betterment in pleasure achievement. They would like to recommend it to all. To you too!


Nicomenthyl® is the secret of Erogelle’s effectiveness.
This innovative “super” molecule full of beneficial properties represents a complete novelty in the field of cosmetic. It has the function of activating blood supply in external genital tissues, thereby increasing the sensibility with every touch, conferring a sensual, modulated cool tingling sensation.

For every woman

Any woman can use Erogelle to enhance her pleasure sensations and erogenous stimuli.
Whether you are a young or a mature woman, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the new erotic dimension!